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Holiday Gifts for Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients …The Book, The Bra, the Beauty Bundle and the Billow®

Women deserve to be pampered. For those newly diagnosed with breast cancer, this is especially true…along with women preparing for mastectomies.

Gifting them with unique products that are tailored to their needs will ease their anxiety and is particularly meaningful in their time of need. I’ve selected a few favorites that will inform and boost a woman’s spirit (and more). These goodies should be at the top of your list!

Help her understand her options: Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book

Understanding our breasts and our options for treatment is critical. Having a reliable source where you can go deeper when you want to, is everything.

Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book
Copyright©Dr Susan Love Research Foundation

For more than two decades, readers faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer have relied on Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book to guide them through the frightening thicket of research and opinion to find the best options for their particular situations. Her must-have book (now in its sixth edition) explains advances in targeted treatments, hormonal therapies, safer chemotherapy, and immunologic approaches as well as new forms of surgery and radiation. A true visionary, Dr. Love’s notable projects include the Army of Women®, a creative internet solution partnering women and scientists with the goal of accelerating breast cancer research. In October 2012, the Foundation launched the Health of Women [HOW] Study™, an online cohort study with the goal of identifying the cause of breast cancer.

In June of 2012, Dr. Love was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. She returned to work in January of 2013 more determined than ever to find the cause of cancer and end it once and for all.

There is extensive guidance for the many women now living for years with metastatic breast cancer. With Dr. Love’s warm support, readers can sort the facts from the fads, ask the right questions, and recognize when a second opinion might be wise. “The Bible for women with breast cancer” —New York Times

Give her the perfect bra for post-surgery care: the Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra®

After my double mastectomy, I wore the Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® for months, well after my drains were out- it was a lifesaver. I was so happy to find something that was soft, easy to adjust, and fit well!  The rings were super helpful to manage my drains.

Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra

After working for many years as a physician, and after undergoing surgery herself, Johns Hopkins- and Harvard-trained Radiation Oncologist Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson made a discovery: While the surgeries and treatments for cancer and other conditions had rapidly evolved and, in some cases, been revolutionized, the recovery products available to women were still stuck in the distant past. Her goal was to provide women with comfort, support, and dignity as they prepare for, undergo, and recover from surgery and other treatments.

Proper recovery after breast surgery requires a comfortable and supportive bra. Elizabeth set out to design The Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® to provide the comfort and ease-of-use necessary for optimal healing after surgery.

Soft Velcro® front closures and shoulder releases make for a customized fit and effortless removal while providing just enough compression. Adjustable side openings prevent crimping and pinching of JP tubing. Strategically placed rings allow for the safe and easy management of JP drain bulbs. The color is soothing and feminine. Today, the state-of-the-art Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® is used in hundreds of the top hospitals in the country by the finest doctors and surgical staffs.

Link: https://mastheadpink.com/product/elizabeth-surgical-bra/

Help her heal with style: Eileen & Eva®’s “Beauty Bundle”

I know what women need after surgery – I’ve been there (you can read more about my story here). After a great deal of research and focused creativity, I designed and launched what I was yearning for after my double mastectomy.

Four Piece Beauty Bundle from Heal With Style Collection

Fashion does not take a holiday for a woman facing breast cancer anymore. My new Heal with Style collection features gorgeous lifestyle pieces that also manage drains and hide PICC lines, ports and more. My wrap, tunic, shirt, pants, shawls, snoods are breathable, soft, moisture-wicking and anti-microbial. They are versatile, elegant and allow for individual styling preferences.post breast cancer surgery clothingCancer treatment clothing for women

Your best bet for the holidays is my 4-Piece Beauty Bundle. It features favorite essentials – the Ultimate Heal With Style Wrap, the Laid-Back Lounge Shirt, the Pamper-Me Cashmere Shawl, and the Brighten-Me-Up Scarf. It allows women to easily transition from hospital discharge to lounging at home, from medical appointments to running errands, and for enjoying special outings out on the town. They are effortless, flowy, cooling and flattering for all body types.

I invite you to check out descriptions and pricing here and to join my community.

Help her to relax and sleep: The Billow®

I wasn’t lucky enough to discover the Billow® right away – but I’m glad I can introduce you to this marvelous pillow.  I could have really used it after my mastectomies, as I found it very difficult to snuggle into my bed each night.

the Billow
Copyright©The Billow®

Recovery can be a troubling period of painful discomfort, yet rest and relaxation are key. It can be difficult to settle into a regular pillow because of soreness, swelling and clumsy drains.

Finding a blend of cushioning and support is now much easier, thanks to Marnie Rustemeyer, a thyroid cancer survivor and breast cancer previvor. Her Billow® pillow provides relief and support for women with breast discomfort due to surgeries and nursing.

The Billow® is luxurious and soothing. It provides a full body hug so the patient can sleep on her stomach, back or side. Its design alleviates pressure on the lower back and also provides perfect breast, under arm and neck support due to special cushioning. Billows are popular for stress management and for massages, too. Each one is made out of organic cotton and comes with a washable Billow® case.

The Billow
Copyright©The Billow®

Along with managing her Billow company, Marnie is also a specifically trained artist who use techniques to restore the breasts to their most natural looking form following surgery through paramedical micropigmentation (tattooing). Her objective is to give women the best results to match their skin tone, breast and body type. She specializes in 3D nipple/areola tattooing and scar camouflage for breast reconstruction patients.

Link: https://billowglobal.com

Let me know how these work out for you…and if you have favorites I should explore in future blog posts, I’m all ears. Happy shopping!

Eva SooHoo

A mom of 2 amazing teenagers, a corporate executive turned entrepreneur, a runner, a BRCA2 mutation carrier, a previvor, and the founder of Eileen & Eva. You can reach her at eva@eileenandeva.com

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