Our Mission

At Eileen & Eva®, we believe that fashion is a force for healing.  Our mission is to put style and a sense of identity back into the lives of women who are living with cancer or other major illness that causes pain and discomfort.

Our Story

Eva’s mother, Eileen, was a BRCA2 mutation carrier and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 62.  As a corporate executive, she searched for stylish and comfortable pieces that would adapt to her changing body throughout her treatment regimen – to no avail.  Like her mother, Eva also carried the gene mutation and decided to have a prophylactic double mastectomy and a total hysterectomy with oophorectomy to minimize her risk and anxiety.  With 6 surgeries over 18 months, she came to realize that dressing well during recovery helped her retain her sense of identity and control.

A spark ignited inside of her.  The seeds for a kinder approach to fashion design took shape.  Her personal experience combined with thoughtful research led to the creation of Eileen & Eva® Heal With Style Collection – elegant and functional clothes for cancer patients, where drains, PICC lines and ports are accommodated without compromising the loveliness and grace of design. 

Heal With Style is a collection of versatile and flattering basics that allows women to express their unique essence and flair during their cancer treatment journey – and beyond.

We Know. We Feel. We Understand.


Each garment is made with hand-crafted detailing, flattering lines and quality construction.  Our proprietary Tencel™ blend is luxuriously soft for sensitive skin, and is breathable, moisture wicking and anti-microbial to moderate the effect of hot flashes.  Our collection of clothes for cancer patients is lovingly designed and made in California.



Every piece is slimming and flattering. The front button closure designs allow for a limited range of motion. Strategically placed pockets camouflage surgical drains.  Complete port and PICC line access are built into the sleeves, allowing you to keep your garment on when receiving treatment. Loose sleeves accommodate lymphedema.

Heal With Style Collection 

Our chic and versatile recovery wardrobe features beautiful lifestyle pieces in soothing colors.  It is perfect for layering and accessorizing to compliment a woman's unique style while in the hospital and out on the town.  The styles are effortless and flattering for all body types.  

Recovery clothing for women
Surviving cancer inspired


Surviving cancer is an emotional and physical journey, and we can use all the guidance we can get.  We strive to create an inspired space where you can be your true self, share your joy and success, as well as anxiety and frustration - without judgement.


Surprise. Delight. Inspire. If you're searching for surgery gift ideas, the Heal With Style Collection is a thoughtful gift to let someone know that you care for and honor her. We can help you select the right pieces, colors and sizes that will comfort and flatter your loved one, making her fashion choices easy, comfortable and elegant!  All items can be customized and are beautifully packaged.

Gift wrapping
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