Simple and Easy…Lighten Your Load During Breast Cancer 

When “breast cancer” enters your lexicon, there are ways to make the journey a bit more tidy, comfortable and lavish. Here are some simple and easy ways to do this:

Your Body

Clothing needs to be comfortable, versatile and resilient. It needs to have moisture wicking, it needs to adhere to your movements and it needs to be easy to maintain. Front opening shirts and pull-up pants that accommodate a limited range of motion are essential.

Anything that is made from luxurious moisture wicking and cool touch Tencel is a good choice. Bamboo, Egyptian cotton and Modal are nice alternatives.

The transformative value of wearing pieces that look great and function well cannot be overstated. The designs at Eileen & Eva®’s Heal with Style Collection offer this and much, much more. This beauty bundle of stylish, interchangeable pieces allows mixing, matching and accessorizing while providing complete functionality for ports, PICC lines, lymphedema and drains.

Pair them with E&E shawls and scarves and add jewelry, hats, pretty slippers, sashes and nail polish! They will liven up your body and your mindset as you express your juicy style on your own terms.

A cozy throw blanket or oversized shawl/wrap is a best friend in chilly treatment rooms and drafty outdoor settings. Choose a texture, density and color(s) that delight you.

Your Bed

Changing bed linens should not be a chore, and sets that are soothing to the eye and exquisite to the touch are worth their weight in gold. Check out Parachute Home for lovely options at an affordable price.

Pillows matter big time. There is no substitute for sinking into something magnificent for much needed R&R. Check out Billow for the “billow pillow” for post-breast surgeries.

Your Senses

Music is a must.  Fond memories and new dreams resonate more deeply through the power of listening – and singing or dancing count, too.

Mother Nature is a powerful tonic. The brilliant sky, the ocean breezes, the hummingbirds, the perfect rose – take in her glory, wherever you are.

Satisfying your taste buds during chemo treatment and its aftermath can be difficult. Sometimes ginger, lemon, black licorice, cinnamon and flavored waters do the trick.

Your Friends and Family

People who inspire, who give energy, and who cheer you on are especially precious. Listening without judgment, opening doors to new adventures and helping you to be your best self are the best of gifts they can give you, along the way.

Kindness and honesty can help you to connect and to learn. Forgiveness, asking for help, receiving it with a grateful heart and paying it forward can lighten your load.

Plugging into real world happenings can help you to lose yourself, to find yourself and to experience everyday miracles that can center, delight and amuse you, too.

Your Now and Forever

Looking good, relaxing in exquisite bedding, tapping into your senses, and enjoying good people lift the mind, body and spirit. Nap in elegance, dress with style, create a mood, dine outside and laugh with friends.

Gather your treasures. Experiment and choose what works for you, that brings you joy and comfort. Their value and impact are priceless…just like you!

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Eva SooHoo

A mom of 2 amazing teenagers, a corporate executive turned entrepreneur, a runner, a BRCA2 mutation carrier, a previvor, and the founder of Eileen & Eva. You can reach her at eva@eileenandeva.com

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