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Luxurious Tencel…The Cancer Friendly Fabric

The last thing anyone wants to wear after surgery and during treatment is something itchy or something that doesn’t breathe. During this delicate time of healing, skin becomes more sensitive and sweats are quite common.  Added coverage may be desired if there is  swelling or weight gain.

The best fabric by far is TencelTM.  Its divine properties help women look and feel great in the midst of treatment and recovery.  It is the foundation of my Heal With Style Collection.

Tencel for post breast cancer surgery clothing


I selected this exquisite fabric after a great deal of research.  I wanted a natural fabric that was soft, breathable, moisture wicking and antimicrobial.  I knew that I would place additional demands on my fabric.  The added weight of drains in my Heal With Style’s hidden pockets along with the force of opening my snap closures to access ports and PICC lines would require very flexible and strong fibers.

rolls of Tencel filament
TENCEL Luxe Lyocell gebrandetes Filament-Garn – Lenzing AG Foto: Neumayr/MMV 9.10.2017

Ultimately I developed a Lenzing TencelTM cotton blend with the manufacturer to ensure maximum comfort, versatility and durability in my garments.  My proprietary blend allows me to design elegant and functional pieces for those facing breast cancer surgeries, treatments, and recovery.

Gentle on Skin

Tencel™ offers an exquisitely soft feel. The fibers have a sleek surface area, so that the fabric glides lightly over the skin.  It also has a luxurious sheen, so it shines much more intensely than most fabrics. The strength of the fabric means that it retains its form over a long period of time.

Enhanced Breathability

Tencel™ is a breathable fabric so it regulates body temperature.  It mitigates hot flashes and hot weather.  It wicks away the moisture so it keeps skin cool and dry – polyester and synthetic fabrics are not up to the task.  In addition, potential skin infections are kept at bay because TencelTM does not present a favorable environment for bacterial growth.

Flattering Drape

Tencel™’s draping effect has a smooth and flattering appeal.  Contrary to stiff fabrics, it moves easily with the body.  Folds are soft and gentle, and clothes made with TencelTM look great as loungewear or at work. The clothes adapt for all kinds of lifestyles.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.

Coco Chanel

Color Retention

Tencel™ easily absorbs long-lasting colors, to help brighten one’s mood or style preferences.  The Eileen & Eva®TM palette I’ve chosen allows for mixing and matching pieces with subtle yet beautiful accents.

from forest to fabric collage

Environmentally Friendly

Tencel™ goes from forest, to wood, to fiber, and back to nature. The process that is used to produce the fibers is nontoxic.  The wood is grown on farms and taken from responsible forests.  The spinning process is efficient, saving precious energy and water resources.

The unrivaled properties of TencelTM help me celebrate women’s curves, smiles, and styles.  I strive to balance luxury and comfort. When patients and survivors wear my pieces with joy, the spirit of Eileen & Eva®TM shines through!


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Eva SooHoo

A mom of 2 amazing teenagers, a corporate executive turned entrepreneur, a runner, a BRCA2 mutation carrier, a previvor, and the founder of Eileen & Eva. You can reach her at eva@eileenandeva.com

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