Managing Your Weight…Simple Steps to Embrace Your “Okay”

Keeping your weight within healthy norms can begin right now – wherever you are, however you are. Set the stage for a better you by adopting these strategies for success:

Don’t Binge on Junk Food

Eating too many fried foods can inflame your gall bladder. It also disrupts the important bacteria in your intestine. Too many refined sugars mess with your glucose and insulin levels. When you eat too much low-quality food the vicious cycle begins of never feeling full enough and eating way too much.

Don’t Make Metabolism Your Excuse

Most of us think that our metabolism is to blame, and although it slows down every year after age 30, its impact is pretty minimal. The truth is that we tend to be less active. Although strength training has its benefits, the key is to enjoy a strenuous activities where we continue to burn more calories than we would while resting.

Don’t Ignore Your Stress

When we’re upset or anxious, we produce more of the stress hormone, cortisol. It creates misery by increasing our appetites and driving cravings for bad food (and alcohol, in many cases). When we worry, emotionally eat, or lack healthy eating routines, we sabotage ourselves and the belly fat grows. Although there might be an initial soothing feeling that comes from these behaviors (or addictions), the risks of heart disease and diabetes kick in.

Don’t Count Only Calories

Different foods have different effects on hunger and the hormones that regulate weight gain. Reaching for protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates is far more productive than simply counting calories. These choices mean that your body will take more time to process them, keeping you fuller longer. Their nutritional value will fuel you with energy, oxygen, vital minerals and more.

Don’t Choose Dieting as the Way

When we go on a diet, we are substituting foods that we enjoy – and we are setting ourselves up for failure. We often times feel like we’re sacrificing something wonderful which can lead to depression, frustration and allowing ourselves to cheat too much. If we switch out the word “diet” to the word “nutrition” we grocery shop in a much healthier way. We begin to sort out the junk foods, the diet foods (often they are packed with tons of sugar instead of fat) and the high fat indulgences that don’t serve any positive purpose.

Look to “Grace and Frankie”

If you’ve seen the Netflix “Grace and Frankie” series, you know that Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (both in their late 70’s in real life) are opposites in terms of fashion, body type, go-to meals and coping styles. They have a fresh take on health and aging. They own their stuff, they strut their stuff and they celebrate their stuff even when life gives them lemons. Even if they were in their 30’s or 40’s, they would be rocking women. They drop the stereotypes about beauty and femininity and focus on what makes them happy – and in their zones.

I’ve learned to live with a very flexible definition of “okay.” …Grace and Frankie

When we believe in ourselves and aspire to loving kindness in our words and actions, we honor ourselves. However you define “okay” be gentle with yourself. Your spirit and scale will thank you!

Jane O. Smith

Jane is a speaker and a catalyst. Her journey as a breast cancer survivor informs much of her content. You can reach her on Linkedin @JaneOSmith.

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