Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful …Ways to Own and to Show It

By Jane O. Smith of Stage of Comeback  

When we face breast surgeries due to cancer and reconstruction, beauty takes a backseat in the journey. We tend to focus on what we’ve lost rather than noticing what we can embrace and enhance over time.

#BeYourOwnKindOfBeautiful reminds us that there is more to it… That we can boost how we look and how we feel through our beliefs and our actions.

When we look inward and take stock of all that is still there, we can label it, enrich it and settle into a deeper understanding of the beauty bundle that is us, in spite of “it” all.


Filling our body with oxygen, controlling the inhale and exhale, feeling our chest rise and relax with each breath, is something we can control and appreciate. Meditation brings peace and profound awareness of our body, mind and spirit.

woman praying



Our body language and fashion are intimate and accessible ways of communicating to ourselves and to the outside world. Through every smile and in delicious clothing with flair ( jewelry, lipstick, nail polish, scarves) we can speak volumes about who we are.

“Elegance is the beauty that never fades.”

Audrey Hepburn

older woman smiling


After dealing with the shock, denial or anger about our diagnosis, we can set ourselves in motion to create a new normal way of living. We can reprioritize, enhance our wardrobes, join support groups and celebrate the small things that really matter. As we adapt to our reality, we are better equipped to take control and to engage in healing practices.


Sometimes we lose perspective and we are blind to everyday miracles. A day at the spa, a trip to a special hideaway or redecorating a favorite place can bring joy, inspiration and attention to the simple pleasures.


Having faith in the people, processes and technologies that guide our recovery is critical to our peace of mind. Believing that those around us want us to heal and to succeed in whatever we choose to do, builds confidence and comfort.

two women hugging


Friends are a gift we give ourselves, as we extend our kindness to others. Connecting over coffee or on shopping sprees or at the gym or at the sports arena takes us out of ourselves and brings us into the wonderful world of community.


Healthy food and exercising are self-care musts. There are many recipes and spices that can enhance our taste buds if they are compromised due to treatment. Moving our bodies keeps our hearts healthy and builds strong bones – both are essential for recovery.  Eating well and physical exercise are energizing and therapeutic.

woman holding exercise mat and drinking from water bottle


We can always make new decisions about who and what we want to be. We can change things up to suit new passions and opportunities. When others see us taking charge or moving through a difficult time, it is contagious and exhilarating.


All we need is love. It begins with how we treat ourselves. Self-compassion and honoring our bodies make us more resilient and appreciative of our uniqueness and abilities.

“I have come to believe that self-care is not self indulgent.  Caring for myself is an act of survival.”

Audre Lorde

Breathe. Express. Accept. Unwind. Trust. Include. Fortify. Unleash. Love. A powerful cocktail for what ails us. Beauty is as beauty does, so make every act count.

#beyourownkindofbeautiful  #healwithstyle

Jane O. Smith

Jane is a speaker and a catalyst. Her journey as a breast cancer survivor informs much of her content. You can reach her on Linkedin @JaneOSmith.

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