Christmas or new year decoration at Living room interior and holiday home decor concept. Calm image of blanket on a vintage sofa with tree, lifghts, gifts. Selective focus.
Christmas or new year decoration at Living room interior and holiday home decor concept. Calm image of blanket on a vintage sofa with tree, lifghts, gifts. Selective focus.

6 Tips to Happy Up Your Holidays …Take it Easy, Prep and All

Winter holidays are here, once more. The festivities can be fun. The prep can be daunting. Especially after surgery or during treatment.

As much as you might want to follow traditions or to “put on the ritz” your body might be telling you to take it slow. Listen to that voice. It is wise and it is strong.

These ideas might help you to get ready, without a lot of work:

Use Natural Decor

Use what is right around you, made by Mother Nature. The greens of the pine trees and the red holly berries are grand together or on their own. Simple displays wrapped in twine or a winter white ribbon look inviting and fresh. If magnolias or roses are preferred instead, use them as your centerpiece. Sea shells can work nicely, too, for a coastal celebration.

Christmas tableware


Crystal Works Wonders

Crystal glassware makes anything inside of it look fabulous. This is true for crystal candleholders, too. I love the brilliance of it – the way the light catches it. It makes me feel special when I use it for dining and décor. Make it front and center this season, and light up your life!

The darkness of the whole world cannot swallow the glowing of a candle.

Robert Altinger

Scents are Key

There is magic in a fragrance. It can take us back to people or places that touch our hearts. Buy scented candles. Or simmer water with a sprinkle of cinnamon and cloves on the stove. The smell of cookies baking in the oven can also be inviting. Remember that there is power – and love – in the smells of Christmas.

May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.

Mary Anne Radmacher

dog on lap of person holding mug of hot chocolate

Cozy Up

I have holiday tablecloths and placemats from my childhood. Some of them my mother made. As the years go by, they become more precious. I put them out and think of her – and they fill my heart with love. Christmas towels, pillow cases and throws really change up a room and a mood. After I put mine out, I cozy up with a nice cup of tea and feel the season all around me. If you don’t have any in your treasure chest, select a few from the store. The variety and prices are terrific this time of year.

sequined dress and jewelry

Strut Your Sparkles

Wearing sequins or a sparkly bracelet can lift your mood. It turns the mundane into something playful. Belts, pins and slippers can do this, too. These are easy ways to change a look into a style statement! I do this for myself whether I’m heading out or staying at home. It adds a touch of radiance no matter where I go. Do it for yourself – even if no one is with you.

Drink Smart

Indulge yourself and limit calories, too.  AntiCancerMom.com’s recipe is healthy and delicious:

homemade healthy hot chocolate


  • 8 oz organic unsweetened almond milk (or any milk you prefer)
  • a 2 x 1.5 inch piece of 70% or higher cacao dark chocolate bar (this is ~3 x 5 cm)
  • 9-12 drops of liquid stevia or ~1 Tbsp of honey or maple syrup
  • 1/8 tsp vanilla extract (optional)


  1. In a small saucepan add chocolate and melt over medium heat.
  2. Add milk and vanilla (optional) to the stovetop and with a fork mix melted chocolate with the milk and bring heat to desired temperature.
  3. Add 10-12 drops stevia or other sweetener.
  4. Pour into mugs. ENJOY!

Try something new. Something soothing. Something whimsical. Take on what you what you love the most…and leave the rest behind!

Christmas, my child, is love in action.

Dale Evans


Eva SooHoo

A mom of 2 amazing teenagers, a corporate executive turned entrepreneur, a runner, a BRCA2 mutation carrier, a previvor, and the founder of Eileen & Eva. You can reach her at eva@eileenandeva.com

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